Introduction of 5 ways to appropriately mix 2-piece smocked outfit for baby girls on picnics

Have you planned to let your princess travel somewhere? If you have not had a choice of apparels which are suitable for her style, I can help you to appropriately combine girl smocked outfit for the trip.  

Shirt + skirt

Shirts which is mixed with any kinds of skirts can create a bland and lovely beauty. You can mix sets for your daughter by this way. Yet, fat girls should not wear this kind of 2 pieces sets since it can reveal her weakness. In the other words, only little girls who have slender appearance are suitable for this way of combination. To focus the others’ eyes about the petite body, these girls should choose the outfit with bright color tones.  

Purple flower and geometric smocked outfits including shirt and skirt for girl

Shirt + shorts

Nowadays, shirts for picnics is stylized in new ways. In the other words, shirts are not for only school days. When combining with shorts, it is much more stylish.

Should not

-      Your daughter will feel uncomfortable and disagreeable through the trip if you choose a shirt which is tight to her body.

-      You should not let her wear dark shirt because it makes her older than others at the same age.


- Your angel will be outstanding among others with smocked shirt that has eye-catching colors, for instance, pink, green, purple, etc.

-      To create a stylish and youthful appearance, you should select shorts with modern form and shirt that is stylized at chest, collar and sleeves parts for her.

-      You should let her wear baggy shirt to move comfortably.

Shirts + jeans

The combination of jeans and baggy shirt is quite modern. Baggy shirt also has advantage of covering the belly fat for buxom baby girls.

Shirt + skinny pants

One of the indispensable clothing in girls’ wardrobes is skinny pants. Mixing this kind of pants with a simple shirt is the simplest way.

T-shirt + dewlap

Your princess will immediately have a stylish picnic smocked set with the combination of youthful smocked T-shirt and dewlap. You can add sedge hat and canvas shoes to her outfit.

I hope that the 5 ways above can help little girls have suitable 2-piece smocked outfit for girls when traveling. You can refer these stylish and youthful ways to make your girl’s fashion style more abundant. This can help her to serve many distinct purposes in wearing.

Thank you for reading!