As you know, hats are necessary things or go-to accessory things for children when they go out. Hats only make children more outstanding, more beautiful but also can help children avoid sunlight. So it is very important for parents to choose suitable hats for children. We will give you some tips to choose suitable hats for your children.

+ How to choose cap’s size for your children: You can measure ring of children’s head.  You can measure around head like the picture. At that time, you can choose suitable hats with correct size for children.

+ Technology of making hats:  The technique of making hats is very important. You should check thread line carefully to see whether seam is firm on not. Besides, you should test hardness & softness of hats to ensure that your children will feel comfortable when wearing it. Patterns on hats are also important; it can be help hats more outstanding & make users more beautiful. Parents can choose patterns suitable with children’s hobby or refer on special holidays like Independent, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. I believe children feel exciting to wear it.

+ Shapes of hats. Many people are very careful to choose hats suitable with their faces & suitable with Personal Style and Characteristics. Suitable Hats can make their faces more beautiful, outstanding & show a part of their characteristics. Ex: with oval face or triangle face, you can choose any kind of cap/hat, all of them are suitable. With round face, you can choose hats to slim your face like a newsboy hat, or a baseball cap. If you have oblong face, please try a hat with a flared brim and low crown like sunhat or a fedora with large brim. With heart-shaped face, you can choose a medium hat or with a square face; you can choose a sunhat or a cowboy hat...

When you choose hats for children, you can choose the same shapes of hats like above so that it can help children to avoid sunlight & it can make children more outstanding

That is some tips I want to share with you, I hope you can choose suitable hats with true sizes for your children  

Thank you for reading!!

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