7 tips to avoid struggle when choosing daily wear for your children

As a parent, have you ever get in trouble with dressing your little kids every morning, while you get so little time to do it? Your kids are either uncomfortable or they prefer some clothes over the one you pick for them. This struggle may waste a lot of your precious time while going nowhere. So, instead of arguing with your kids or forcing them to wear something they don’t like, we should be more understanding and give your kids options and right to give their opinions about their own clothing. Unless your children are newborn/infants, they may already have a sense of themselves, they know what they prefer and what not. The kids are just our copycat which is actually a tiny ourselves, trying to push the boundaries to know what they can do, so if we are too harsh on them they will cease to ask - to learn, which are actually the important life skills they should have. Understanding your kids is the correct way to solve this, and below are the tips that we recommend for the young parents who are struggling with their kids everyday:

1. Never force your kid to wear things

As adults, we have our experience to know what should be worn on each occasion, which outfits are proper for the weather, but we can’t completely refuse the right to talk of your kids. Forcing only leaves dissatisfied and if that continues, the next times the kids will stop trying to contribute their opinions about their own clothing. The clothes may even uncomfortable and affect their activities if we insist on make the kids wear them.

2. Give them a limited choice

Letting kids choose the clothes are the proper way to avoid further conflict with the children. Before giving the choices, be sure to sort out the clothes you think are appropriate for the occasion. You can’t let your boys wear a shorts set to go outside on a cold winter days, you shouldn’t have your girls wear flip-flop or skirt to the solemn place like the church. Limit them to a few options can hit 2 birds with one stone: we have our kids wear the appropriate outfit, while they remain their right to make choice.

3. Pay attention to their dressing style and go with them

As long as they have a proper style, we recommend stick with their own dressing style. By doing that we will build up our kid’s confident and make them responsible to their choice. It will also be a sign to your kids that you are really care about them.

4. Keep open communication with the children

Talk with them about what you think about the clothes, what is consider proper/beautiful/suitable/inappropriate; listen to the reason they choose the clothes and their taste of fashion. They will learn so much from their parents, and we get to understand our kids better.

5. Go shopping with them

Again, we limit the choice to a fixed range: As long as the items meet the type/budget that we suggest, we will let the kids choose whether or not to buy it. Your children’s suggestion may even help if you are having a kid clothing business

6. Set up rules

Everything will be much easier if you and your kids can agree to the common rules. The important thing is to be consistent with the rules. You will teach your kids to keep their promise and to not break the rules. If the rules are set correctly the parents can avoid scolding/punishing the kids without them knowing what they have done wrong.

7. Be a patient parent

Last but not least, be patient to the children. They are just kids, they need time to learn. Gently admonish them when they do something wrong, and encourage them and reward them after rightful acts.

With these tips, we hope that parents can turn the meaningless everyday battle of dressing your kids into an interesting exploration of the family.

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