Introduction of ways to combine colors on smocked baby bubble for little girls

When mentioning wearing style, color combination is one of the most important factors. Specifically, to your princess’s smocked baby bubble, if you know how to mix colors on this type of attires, she will look super elegant. In contrast, she will look grotesque if you arbitrarily mix. To help you select the most suitable bubble for your daughter, today I will introduce ways to combine colors on this type of garbs.  

As what I know, different colors symbolize for different looks. Some colors are appropriate to the simplicity. Meanwhile, some colors are suitable for elegance and luxury. To understandably illustrate, I will introduce some tips in this entry. You can apply those tips for any kinds of accessories or garments, of course. You can even be freely creative by your own way. However, to have a look that is more aesthetic, you can refer the following factors.

The 3-color rule

The basic rule when selecting a tog is not wearing with over 3 colors. You should let your angel wear bubble with 1 basic color and 2 subsidiary colors. The 2 subsidiary colors only have the function of generating highlight for this kind of girls smocked clothing and occupy the least of color space. In contrast, the one which occupies the most of color space is the basic color. The safest option is selecting bubble with neutral colors if you do not know to choose which color for your baby girl.

Cute floral smocked girl bubble

Color wheel

This is a color balance table which includes both cold and hot colors. It is often used to serve the color combination. If you use it, mixing basic colors will be easier. Specifically:

- Shaded color: This implies a color which is added with black.

- Pastel color: A version that is paler than the original color. It is created by adding white to the original color.

- Gray is generated by mixing the 2 colors white and black then people combine gray with other colors. This makes smocked clothes nicer.

Combining color is what every mother can do to have a perfect smocked bubble for baby girls. The reason is that it only takes a little time to consider. I strongly exhort you to try tips above to detect what your daughter likes or dislikes and create her private style. Maybe you will find a combination rule for yourself, who knows?

Good luck!