2 ways to perfectly combine clothing with smocked shoes for baby girls

One of the friendly and indispensable accessories to girly and gentle baby girls is smocked shoes. In addition, even naughty girls also like this kind of shoes so much. It brings comfort feeling for users and its design is luxurious but still simple. However, there is not many people know how to perfectly combine clothing with smocked shoes for girls.

Lewave will share the following simple tips which help mixing clothes with this kind of shoes become more fashionable and simple:

Being dynamic and stylish with shorts and smocked shoes

A perfect and simple way which little girls love much is combining smocked shoes with shorts.  It can make them look not only lovely but also dynamic and stylish.

This is also the top choice for princesses that are dynamic, stylish, like being comfortable and free but still have inherent cuteness. This type of combination will help your daughter to look sweet and girly enough but still super fashionable.

Stylish princesses will be surely satisfied with shoes designs that have fancy and unique smocked patterns or bright colors, for instance, cream, pink or white, etc. To make your daughter more dynamic on cold days, you can choose to mix long pants and jeans with stylish smocked shoes for her.

Cream geometric and flowers smocked shoes for baby

Adorable girl smocked shoes with girly skirt, dress and uniform

How about mixing smocked shoes with a skirt having length that is over knees a little bit? I am sure that this will be a perfect set for baby girls to go out, go to school or gently walk on weekend with their friends.

Mothers can also combine smocked shoes with bishop dresses for their girls to take part in parties. Moreover, little girls will be super lovely when they wear uniform with smocked shoes. Whenever your cute daughter goes to school, she will be always sparkling.   

An ideal option is a pair of smocked shoes having delicate color tones: Cream or pink with small patterns or embroidered flowers. The combination of colors also needs to consider. Don’t let mistakes in mixing clothes with smocked shoes make your princess overdone in others’ eyes!

Pink geometric smocked baby shoes

Your baby girl can change her style with only a pair of shoes which are smocked. You can also be free in creation with the 2 above ways of mixing this type of shoes with clothes for her.  Please visit our shoes products on the website lewave.co.uk!

Thanks for your reading!