New Trending Collection-Swinging Dress 2019

Best dress for daughter is the one that she feels convenient to dress anytime with her mother.

Dressing to impress your loved ones when family and friend is gathering on the special moment is a must for you and your kids. These moments will not last long so it is the time to pick up the best child dress for your daughter. We will have to be creative and get the best out of any occasion.

Most of our little girl has ys dream about the fairytale stories and they love to dress like a princess or angel in a magic world. At Babeeni, we have designed a gorgeous Angel Swing-Inspired baby girl dress with a delicate hand-smocked pattern. The Swinging 2019 Collection focus on the fabulous and fancy dress that the girls feel free to swing, dance and especially have the feeling of being an angel when wearing them.  

For an extra dose of inspiration, we've combined a cool roundup featuring the best Swinging dresses & outfits for little girls from our huge 2019 collection! DR 2836 (2).jpgDR 2838 (2).jpg

3D Ruffles Dancing Bow Technique

Who can resist this stunning 3D Ruffle, Princess Embroidery Dress, coordinating princess detail? The dress has been crafted from the soft pink windowpane fabric, making it both comfortable and durable. It is the perfect piece for spring and summer parties and holidays

DR 2834 (2).jpg

                           A simple way to dress-up, it is perfect for party season.

In this Swinging Dress Collection, the 3D Ruffle technique is used together with other sewing technique to make the unique dress style- whether it is appliqué or embroidery pattern. This style is also decorated with monogram customization on chest or appliqué on hemline. It is soft moisture absorbent and machine washable.

DR 2827 (2).jpgDR 2828 (2).jpg

DR 2837 (2).jpg

Volume Sleeve Asymmetric Design

The Beautiful Volume Sleeve combined with the appliqués and smocked pattern to guarantee the comfort to your little girl. Mrs Marry Nguyen offers an exclusive Swinging dress collection of the most exquisite clothing for little angle match up with her sister. Let's find a perfect style for your adorable daughter to express her different style and personalities.

DR 2826 (1).jpgDR 2832 (2).jpgDR 2845 (2).jpg

Keep things simple when your girl is still young, but with this elegant design, she will be a part of the fairy tale. You will not be disappointed with the result for sure when taking her pictures. The Volume Sleeve design makes it easy to customize your daughter dress at the same time. Get her dress everyday dress along with incredible embellishments from our Swinging Collection.

Denim Dress  with Dancing Ruffles

Beautiful combos of ruffles sleeve and ruffles on the neck with traditional style make this delightful dress a perfect gift for your babies and toddlers. The dress will keep your baby as cool and comfortable as possible with the high quality and durable denim fabric.

DR 2836 (2).jpgDR 2840 (2).jpgDR 2844 (2).jpgDR 2848 (2).jpg

We use excellent high quality fabrics, lining and trims. Our dedicated design team personally fit every style to ensure that they are not only flattering but also comfortable for girls to wear..

Living Coral Fabric Inspiration

Although this is our first time using Living Coral material combined with embroidery technique, we assure that the product is absolutely stunning and perfectly fit for any occasion. Aside from girl dresses, our design team has also designed sleepwear for mum to give the uplifting entrance for any party or holiday season.

DR 2842 (2).jpgDR 2846 (2).jpgDR 2850 (2).jpgDR 2852 (2).jpg

DR 2853 (2).jpg

What's your favourite Swinging dress this year?