Return policy

In case your order products you received are not in perfect condition or wrong items were shipped etc, we will suggest you the best solution as: discount or replacement depends on mistakes. You should check the products right after receiving. Incase there is any problem, please announce us by email, fax or telephone within 2 weeks after the order arrives.

Announcement must include:

+ Photos of defective products and explaining what the mistakes are

+ Quantity detail

- Since handcrafted products are not uniform as ones made by machine, size or color tone may be sometimes different delicately within a package of items, please not ask for discounts or replacements for such reasons.

- We are unable to accept discount and replacement for the items that have been sold to the third party or used or damaged by the customers themselves.

For product replacement:

+ When you want to return products, please contact us for detailed instruction

+ After receiving returned products, we will remake products for you.

+ Replacement will be sent to you at no cost of products but you have to pay for shipping cost.

Note: all discount or replacement will be valid until 3 months after issue date.


Thank you very much for your co-operation!


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