How to place a wholesale order?

Step 1: 

Please provide us with information about the item: code, size, quantity per size and fabric you desire.

Note : Minimum order: 200pcs or sets (50pcs per design per color, 10pcs per size)

Example: You want to place an order of : total 200pcs with 4 designs and 10 pieces/size, please email us with information as following:

- DR 1607: 3M,6M,9M,1T,2T: 10 pieces per size

- BC 437: 1T,2T,3T,4T,5T: 10 pieces per size

- DR 1688: 3M,6M,9M,1T,2T: 10 pieces per size

- DR 1683: 1T,2T,3T,4T,5T: 10 pieces per size

If you change fabric, please let us know which code number of fabric.

Notes: customer can custom embroidery or custom fabric. Custom fabric: +$50 custom fee


Step 2:

Please email your requests to our sales and consultancy team.

Our consultants:  

Ms. Haron: 

Mr. Tony:

Ms. Tara:

Ms. Kylie:

Mr. Johnny:

Mr. David:

Ms. Ruby:

Ms. Myan: 
Ms. Susan:

Mr. Nick:

Ms. Sam:

Ms. Mary:


Sale department phone : 84-24-36686011 ( ext: 202)

We will keep you informed in detail about your products via email.