Terms for creditcard

By using the online payment service, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions applying at the time you complete the transaction.

1.    Products

- Products will be shipped to customers following all information and pictures as noted on the invoice. Please check the Invoice carefully and confirm it before paying. Any change after confirming the Invoice is not acceptable.

- Because our products are handmade, they may be a little bit different from the drawing pictures in the invoice.

(For overstock products: all items will be sold on a first come first serve. It is not guaranteed that all items on your Invoice will be in stock once you paid).

2.    Shipping time

- For Overstock: about 3~5 working days after receiving your payment.

- For sample order: about 2~3 weeks after receiving your payment.

- For wholesale orders: about 1~2 months (depending on your order quantity).

3.    Payment

A/ Pay by Credit Card (OnePay).

- You will be charged 4.00% (by OnePay not by us) extra per transaction to make sure we will receive the exact amount of money as noted in the Invoice.

B/ Pay by Bank wire transfer.

- Please pay all bank fees (if you have any) to ensure we will receive the exact amount of money as noted in the Invoice.

4.    Cancellation

- When the payment is made, cancellation is impossible.

5.    Payment Cannot Be Changed

- You must carefully check all information to ensure it is correct before you confirm the transaction can proceed. You will not be able to change it once it has been submitted.

- We will have no liability for transactions that are incorrect as a result of inaccurate information provided by you or for any loss of information caused by factors outside the control of Babeeni. This includes any information supplied by you as part of an application to us.

6.    Responsibility and Refund

- You have to confirm receiving order shipments by email within 10 days from the date of delivery shipment. After 10 days without any confirmation email or notice, we will assume that the shipments have already been delivered to you fully. We are no longer responsible for the shipments. 

- In case your order does not arrive in perfect condition or the wrong items were shipped etc. Depending on the mistakes, We will suggest the best solution as a discount or replacement. You are advised to check the items at the point time of opening and make an announcement by email, telephone, or fax within 2 weeks after the order arrives.

- All customers’ claims will be considered and negotiated within 2 weeks. The refund will be applied if the sellers accept.

7.    No Warranty

Babeeni makes no warranty, express or implied, and does not assume any legal responsibility:

- That the website or the server is free from computer viruses or any other harmful components, defects, or errors

- That any defects in the website can be corrected

- That your access to the website will be reliable, without interruption, deletions, defects, computer viruses communication line failures or

- For any theft, destruction, damage, or unauthorized access to your computer system or network.

Thank you very much for your co-operation!